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Asbestos and Natural Disasters Guide

Natural disasters such as wildfires and floods can damage asbestos-containing materials and lead to asbestos exposure among first responders, cleanup crews and nearby residents.  Learn how to prevent asbestos exposure when preparing for and cleaning up after a natural disaster by reviewing the attached information.

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The Firewise USA Program involves homeowners in taking individual responsibility for preparing their homes for the risk of wildfire.  It encourages and empowers neighbors to work together to prevent community losses. Join the network of over 1,500 recognized Firewise communities across the nation who are taking action to protect their homes and their neighbors’ against the threat of wildfire.

A Firewise community can be as small as eight homes, depending on certain factors.  A Firewise representative can help you determine a logical boundary, if you would like to explore participation in this program.  GREAT NEWS IS> Members of a Firewise community receive homeowner’s insurance discounts from USAA, California Fair Plan and some other insurance companies, in addition to the other benefits of improving their chance of withstanding a wildfire

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