Letter from the Riviera Association’s New President: Bill Tully

January 2018

To Members of the Riviera Association and Neighbors

Dear Friends,

Santa Barbara has been through a very trying time, and our hearts and prayers are with those who have suffered and lost during the Thomas Fire and the Montecito mudslides.Our own neighborhood largely escaped the worst, but we are citizens of the whole community and as such there are things we can do to help with the recovery everyone wants and needs.

We spent our Board of Directors meeting this month reflecting on how a neighborhood association can learn from loss and be mutually helpful to all as we learn again what it is to live in this very beautiful but very fragile environment. We intend to devote our next general meeting, Sunday, May 20, to hearing a few speakers who will have reflected on the events of the last two months and have wisdom to share. And we will leave time to hear from you about how we can be most helpful and effective as an association.

 For now, we urge each of you to do what you can:

   Buy local whenever possible and dine out, especially in locally owned places.

  Get to know your neighbors and help them when need or danger arises.

  Give to the recovery efforts and to those who have suffered and lost. (See links below.)

 Some of the ongoing concerns in our neighborhood will necessarily feel less urgent just now, but you can be sure that items we monitor and advocate for — parks, streets, utilities, zoning, safety — are still things we stay informed about on your behalf.

 You can keep up with our work at rivieraassociation.org  where you’ll find names and contact emails of our board members. We are always glad to hear from you.

 With every good wish for 2018,

 William Tully

President, Board of Directors

 Suggested ways to help:



New Year’s message from outgoing Riviera Ass’n president, Shelley Bookspan

What a dramatic ending we had to 2017!  Wind-whipped flames igniting the hills behind our homes!  Ashes and smoke the only “rain” we had for months!  Our neighbors unrecognizable behind their N95 dust masks!   Mass mandatory evacuation from our homes while over 8,000 firefighters and auxiliary personnel fought a heroic, relentless, and ultimately winning battle against the monstrous firestorm.  I personally feel deep gratitude for these heroes, not to mention awe at their success in containing what I had really thought–that particular Saturday morning–was unstoppable.  Wow.

Now that the Thomas Fire is behind us, and the new year is ahead, much of what we have to think about as a community has come into focus: water resource scarcity and allotment; population density and housing mandates; public safety personnel retention; street maintenance and capacity improvement; homeless and disability service provision, to name a few evident policy conundra.  I know we on the Board of Directors of the 85 year-old Riviera Association take our role seriously as advocates for our neighborhood, as well as our City.  As I sign off after the honor of serving for four years as President of the Board, I can say assuredly that although we residents of the Riviera may be a diverse bunch politically, we nonetheless are a group of solid, caring citizens. It is both my hope and expectation that the Association will continue its central role of service and advocacy for another 85 years, and beyond.

During 2018, my last year on the Board, the President’s “gavel” will be in the capable hands of Bill Tully, whom many of you met during our recent cleanup of Orpet Park.  As Vice-President, Dale Faithe-Aazam will succeed Addison Thompson, joining the Board’s executive committee, along with Diana Sloane and Wendy Edmunds, who will continue in their roles as Secretary and Treasurer, respectively.  I retire from my duties knowing our stalwart organization remains in good hands.

Thank you, neighbors, for your support.  Best wishes to all for good health, peace, and charity in the new year.

Shelley Bookspan

Forum for City Council 4th District Candidates

The Forum is scheduled for Tuesday, October 10th from 7 PM to 8:30 PM at theFirst Methodist Church at the corner of Garden and Anapamu Streets in the main church sanctuary.  There will be parking available in the church’s parking lot off of Anapamu Street.

The three candidates for City Council from our district, the Fourth District, are all scheduled to attend. They will each give a short presentation and answer questions.

These candidates, along with the Mayoral candidates, will also attend our Semi-Annual General Meeting on October 22nd at the Marymount School.  Details to follow, but please save that date for our usual wine reception followed by an informative program with the City Council candidates.