4 thoughts on “FALL NEWSLETTER

  1. Addison Thompson says:

    Why do your Riviera Association e-mail messages come from “”The Shooter’s Log ” “?

    This has been the case for quite some time.

    Just curious as to the reason.

    • Riviera Association says:

      I checked with both our membership director and newsletter director and they both have never heard of this from any other member. We send all the messages via Mailchimp from: “The Riviera Association rivieraassociation@rivieraassociation.org“. We are wondering if it has something to do with an issue in your own email system or the way your incoming messages are configured? We did a test and the from shows that it is from RA.

  2. Addison Thompson says:

    Very strange. AFAIK I never had anything else from “The Shooters Log.” Since I know that is what my e-mail has named the Riviera Association, I will know it is from the RA in the future. Thanks.

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