Fire & Safety

Permanent Fire-Fighting Helicopter Organization Formed

One of our members, Larry Thompson, an architect and long time resident, has worked for over four years with County Fire to organize and gain approval for a private fire helicopter service to serve our area.  Realizing that county fire helicopters based in Santa Ynez can take over 30 minutes or more to mobilize and […]

Will Another Major Earthquake Rock Santa Barbara?

Earthquakes are one of the most frightening and destructive phenomena of nature and can produce terrible aftereffects. The Santa Barbara earthquake of 1925 was a powerful quake which destroyed the city center, damaged the Old Mission, collapsed the Sheffield Dam and sent a wall of water to the ocean resulting in the flooding of the […]

Survival Instincts

SURVIVAL INSTINCTS Why We Do What We Do In an Emergency By Lou Dartanner, N6ZKJ It’s 2 o’clock in the afternoon and you receive a phone call from “Reverse 911″ informing you a fire is headed your way and you should evacuate immediately. You scoop up the cat and place her in a carrier, snap […]