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Letter from Geoge Buell, City Planning Director, re: ADUs

For your information: As you are likely aware, at this time City staff is following state law with respect to ADUs.  However, we have just entered into a contract with a firm that will be helping craft a local ordinance that provides a better suited ADU regulatory structure to Santa Barbara.  The state law under […]

Letter to the Riviera Association from member Helen Couclelis, May 18, 2017

Regardless of whether Rivera homeowners welcome or deplore the new ADU legislation, we all are subject to the same natural and manmade hazards. Our beautiful neighborhood is officially a high-fire-risk area, and also a high-earthquake-risk area according to the California Earthquake Authority, which recently listed Zip Code 93103 as such. Our narrow, winding, and steep […]

South Santa Barbara County’s Power Infrastructure Highly Vulnerable

“The community is not only at risk for potentially strong, damaging winter storms linked to El Niño, but also severe power outages, according to Southern California Edison (SCE). The critical information first surfaced in 2012 in the form of a report titled South Santa Barbara County Reliability Issues.” ‘This Is A Time Bomb Ticking’ Wrote Beth […]

City Telephone Contacts for Urgent Street / Utility Issues

If you have urgent graffiti/pothole/sidewalk/street or utility issues please call the city hotlines listed below and they will respond within 24 hours. Graffiti 897-2513 Storm Drains 564-5458 Pothole & Sidewalk Repair 897-2630 Street Signs 560-7569 Sand Bags 564-5377 Street Sweeping 897-1903 Sewer Problems 564-5413 Traffic Signals 564-5417 Damaged Street Trees 564-5434 Street Lights 564-5416 Street […]